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Customer Testimonials



My hands are not swollen any longer. We have told everyone about the bracelet. I can grip with my fingers now, it is truly amazing.

Nancy, Kentucky

Pain in right shoulder has went away and sleeping all night now.

Brent Lee - Carthage, MO

Having a previously injured knee, I would always have pain walking. Now I have a huge improvement. Also have ADD and have suffered 12 years of Tourrettes Syndrome, and have seen big differences. Staying on task better with word and everyday life, and not as many Tourrettes tics.

Cory - Scottsbluff, AZ

I have been a mechanic for 24 years. I have lived with constant back and knee pain for years. Wearing the Tuning Element bracelet has caused the pain to subside. It is also easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Tim - Harrisonville, MO

I recently purchased a Tuning Element bracelet at a Kiosk at the Landing in Branson, MO. Since wearing my bracelet, I have been sleeping better and have a lot more energy. I feel energized and alert throughout the day and feel that my concentration has increased while working and studying. I look forward to trying your sports bracelet to see the effects while working out.

Dan - Winfield, IL

I was tired all the time and my balance was off. After wearing my bracelet I had energy and slept through the night.

Allen - West Memphis, AR

I have had bad knees for several years and it pops out several times a day. Since wearing it that has not happened.

Dawn - Green Forest, AR

Pain in my leg is virtually gone. Love my Tuning Element Bracelet! Thank You Tuning Element!

Tina - Purcell, OK

I have had arthritis in my thumb joint for the last 2 years. Sometimes painful enough to disturb sleep. Also have an old knee injury that causes pain. Since wearing the Tuning Element bracelet, the pain has all but gone away.

Jim - Carriere, MS